Sunday, 31 May 2015

Some seriously tragic poetry !

Some seriously tragic poetry ! 2 of my poems from '80s that I've just sequelled.

"Claire/Hair " (JMH c.1984)

Claire, Claire
You've got lots of hair;
Mainly on your head,
But a little bit elsewhere.

"Stare" (JMH c.1984)

Stare !
Does anyone care?

(That last one was a more a performance piece for the fifth form common room)

"Claire/Hair/Stare Part 2" ( JMH, 2015)

Claire, Claire,
Don't despair
You didn't make DC's haireem
But you've still got lots of hair.

But it's just not fair
The tragic tale of my own hair.
It used to grow on my head, but now there's mostly bare
And yet it keeps appearing lots of places elsewhere:
Crawling down my back, sprouting from my eyebrows, ears and nose.
Everywhere I don't want it is where it grows.

It's just not fair.
So please don't stare
At the baren place where used to be hair.

Hair! Does anyone care?
Care about the tragedy of my hair?
Yeah? Neahhh!!

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  1. Jeremy,
    My favourite poem is one of yours:

    Radiator, Radiator,
    You were once a noble gladiator,
    But now you're just a Spanish waiter.