Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ed the Geek, for our next CEO?

Ed the Geek, for our next CEO?

Ah yes! Ed the geek, the man from IT.
Wasn’t he the one in odd shoes at the Christmas party?
Wears unfashionable ties with odd-looking stains,
And he spends his weekends spotting trains, or is it planes?

So is he really up to the job? To be our new CEO?
His interview was OK, but I really don’t know.
To be honest I have real concerns about his style;
How he slurps his tea and parts his hair
and that slightly awkward smile.
Yeah and let’s not forget that question, the one that made him squirm;
How his team made our IT system completely crash and burn.
But wasn’t that when the grid had that massive power surge?
It happened to everyone didn’t it? To blame them’s a bit absurd.
Still they were the ones driving weren’t they when the car crashed.
Yeah but it was like they were hit by a lorry whose driver had a heart attack.

Well let’s have a look at the other option; flash Dave, Head of Marketing
He’s got it all hasn’t he? The right smile, right tie with a modest flash of bling.
Everyone here loves him. He’s always got the right things to say.
He just looks more the part at the end of the day.
Yeah but though he’s liked in the UK our European partners aren’t so keen
They think he’s an anglo-ego-centric who doesn’t really play for the team.

Well what about their plans then for the company’s next 5 years?
Ed’s are rather cautious, not that ambitious I fear;
A 10% increase in the profits and a 5% pay cut for us top execs!
While Dave will double the firm’s profits and our pay too, or so he expects,
And he sounded oh so convincing when he said it, and yet…
He’s given us no clue how he’ll do it
At least Ed’s spelt out how he’ll achieve his modest plan.
I have to say though Dave inspires me; if he says he’ll do it then perhaps he can.
Yeah but Dave made lots of pledges when he got promotion 5 years before
Let’s just check his record. Has anyone kept a score?
Yes he missed three quarters of his targets and half his projects got flushed down the pan.
Hmm… now we look more closely at him I’m not sure that he is the right man.
Maybe he’s rather more style than substance and that’s really not we need
May be Geeky Ed for all his imperfections is the better man to lead?

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