Tuesday, 5 May 2015

An Ode to Nick from your Jilted Lover

An Ode to Nick from your Jilted Lover

Nick, Nick, oh lovely Nick,
Like a gorgeous ice cream I’d love to lick.
But you broke my heart when you let me down
And went off with that rich posh clown.
We could have been so good together,
We could have danced that dance forever,
Well may be not forever but for 5 years at least,
Instead you went off with that velvet-tongued  thief.

We talked of all our dreams and plans,
We had so much in common, I didn’t understand
Why you’d choose to give yourself to that sort of man.
He didn’t want kids, a yorkie dog or ginger cat
He just loved his swanky parties in his riverside flat.
But you said it just couldn’t work, me and you
Not enough pennies to rub together between us two.
And he promised you things you said I couldn’t give
Like security and a decent place to live,
To build a future together, so you thought,
Not the future you’d wanted, but a future of some sort.

But the places he made you go, the things he made you do,
Even for whores they would have been taboo.
All those rows, then he beat you black and (mostly) blue,
It was hard to recognise the person he’d made of you.
But if that same heart beats within you why don’t you leave him behind?
Come back to me and we’ll make a marriage of true minds.

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